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miura forged wedge series

Miura's Forged wedge is stamped with the “Kanji” symbol, a Japanese character which translates to “striving” or “noble effort."


Five years is a long time to wait for a new set of wedges, but Miura believes its 2024 Forged Series is worth it. Building on the success of the popular Milled Tour, the Forged doesn’t deviate from Miura’s tried and true tenets.

It remains a classic, minimalist design featuring clean lines and carefully placed stamping. On the back of the head, Miura added a forged “Kanji” symbol, a Japanese character that translates to “striving” or “noble effort.”

Miura Forged Series Custom Wedge

Miura introduces new, perfectly engineered wedges, melding the best of forged feel with two unique sole grinds which will benefit all golfers in all turf conditions. These special grinds will become instant allies in the bags of golfers who take take their short games seriously and find delight in the performance of great designs.
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One of the big efforts behind this particular wedge was increasing the overall versatility of the design. Go back and look at the previous Milled Tour and you’ll notice it came in only one grind with leading edge and sole “enhancements.” With Forged, Miura chose to get more specific with two grinds — Y and C.

miura forged wedge series
The C Grind is geared for golfers who play open face shots around the green. Miura

Known as the “cheat code,” the Y Grind is geared for neutral to steep attack angle with a leading edge that promotes consistent turf interaction. The leading edge and high bounce make it a good option out of bunkers, soft conditions and long rough.

On the opposite end of the grind spectrum, the C Grind is best suited for neutral to shallow attack angles who prefer to open the face around the green. The heel and trailing edge relief allow the leading edge to sit flush against the turf for those playing on firm ground conditions and tight lies.

“We’ve had many golfers over the years trust their game to Miura wedges,” said Bill Holowaty, Miura Golf’s Chief Operating Officer. “From my experience, this is the first time that we’re going to be able to address the importance of grind on our wedges and confidently give the golfer something that fits their game, regardless of what their swing is.”

miura forged wedge series
A closer look at the “Kanji” symbol stamped on the head. Miura

Each head is forged from soft carbon steel and undergoes a multistep process that makes it possible to maintain a plus-or-minus tolerance of .5 grams from wedge to wedge. The weight and density of the head is optimally distributed, when assembled with grip and shaft, to produce a consistent feel.

Miura’s 2024 Forged Series wedges are currently available for custom order through Fairway Jockey.

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