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mitusbishi diamana blue board shaft

The Diamana Blue Board is a mid-launch, mid spin profile.


Mitsubishi Diamana remains one of the most well-known names in the industry. Used by Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Tony Finau and countless pros over the years, Diamana isn’t one specific offering, but rather a compilation of different profiles designed to benefit the needs of golfers seeking certain launch and spin characteristics.

Compared to the low-launch, low-spin Diamana White Board that was recently released, the sixth-generation Diamana BB — commonly referred to as “Blue Board” — is geared for a larger swath of players with mid-launch, mid-spin traits that can best be described as “smooth-feeling.”

a Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana BB Series Wood Shaft

Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana BB Series Wood Shaft

The Diamana BB (Blue Board) is the second profile in the latest generation of Diamana shafts. It features the traditional branding that made Diamana popular, including a return to the original 53/63/73/83 weight class designations. This shaft incorporates advanced engineering and material innovation, making it a top choice on tour.

Blue Board employs high-modulus 80-ton Dialead Pitch Fiber in the butt section of the shaft and 46-ton fiber in the shaft’s angle plies to reduce torque. Keeping torque manageable remains a priority with Blue Board, but you won’t find the same reinforced tip section that allows White Board to keep launch and spin down for faster swing speeds.

“We are humbled by the level of excitement we’ve seen from consumers and industry partners alike for this new generation of Diamana,” said Mark Gunther, senior director of sales and marketing at Mitsubishi Chemical Sporting Goods Division. “Though people do really love the new look, this new shaft series goes beyond just its retro cosmetic. Golfers who try Diamana [Blue Board] will immediately recognize the performance characteristics and feel so often associated with the Diamana Blue Board franchise.

mitusbishi diamana blue board shaft
The legendary flowers and surf iconography that date back to the original launch in 2004 are visible in the midsection. Mitsubishi

“The Diamana brand originally started with a mid-launch blue board profile back in 2005 and we believe this new BB profile to be a worthy modern-day, successor.”

Durability and feel remain two of the most important aspects of the Diamana lineup. Mitsubishi is able to check both boxes with the help of a new Xlink Tech Resin System that increases the overall strength and durability of the shaft while also increasing the volume of Dialead carbon fiber used in the handle and throughout the angle plies. The material ensures a consistent transfer of energy at impact with lower torque for more stability.

While much has changed with Blue Board, the overall graphics package has remained in place. The legendary flowers and surf iconography that date back to the original launch in 2004 are still visible in the midsection.

Mitsubishi’s sixth-generation Blue Board, which earned its 40th shaft win this year, is available for pre-order through Fairway Jockey for $360.

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