Titleist launches Vokey wedge fitting app to enhance the indoor wedge fitting experience 

Titleist and Vokey engineers developed a wedge fitting app to help golfers get the most from an indoor wedge fitting using a launch monitor.


Titleist knows that custom fitting is a crucial element of getting the most from your wedge game, and to enhance to process even further it’s introducing its first wedge fitting app to improve the indoor wedge fitting experience.

The new Vokey Wedge Fitting App, which will be available to fitters as of today, was developed in collaboration between Titleist and Vokey engineers along with its network of club fitting experts. 

“We encourage all golfers to get fit for their wedges because we know it will help improve short game performance. This process raises the bar on wedge fitting by making high-quality experiences easier to access than ever before.”
– Brett Porath, Senior Director, Titleist Club Fitting.

How it works

The process for using the app starts with a series of questions for the golfer about shot preference, technique, and typical course conditions. From there the golfer hits a variety of full swing and short game shots on a launch monitor to capture the required data including angle of attack and dynamic loft. Once the data is entered the Vokey Wedge Fitting App makes its wedge recommendation for the sole grind combinations to best suit the golfer.  

“Selecting the correct wedges, particularly the right grinds, leads to more confidence and lower scores. With the depth of options Vokey offers, getting custom fit is truly the best way to unlock the best short game tools for your game.”
– Corey Gerrard, Marketing Director, Vokey Wedges

Thanks to the app, the wedge fitting process generally lasts about 15 minutes and the golfer walks away with the confidence that comes from technology backed by the entire team of Vokey engineers.

You can head to Titleist.com to find your nearest Titleist retailer to experience the Vokey Wedge app yourself.

Ryan Barath

Golf.com Editor

Ryan Barath is GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com’s senior editor for equipment. He has an extensive club-fitting and -building background with more than 20 years of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, including PGA Tour players. Before joining the staff, he was the lead content strategist for Tour Experience Golf, in Toronto, Canada.