Long bunker shot? Try a longer iron to knock it close

December 11, 2017

You’ve already made one course-management error by leaving yourself in the sand, 55 to 75 yards from the pin. Don’t make things tougher by automatically reaching for your lob or gap wedge to get the ball out—you could very well come up short with one of these standard go-to sand clubs. Instead, grab your 7-iron (after making sure you can clear the lip with it) and make your normal greenside bunker swing.

A few tweaks will help:

1. Stand slightly open to your target and open the clubface—before you take your grip—to give the club more bounce.

2. Play the ball slightly forward of center and strike the sand roughly two inches behind the ball.

3. The secret is to maintain your clubhead speed all the way to a full finish.

4. Commit to speed! You may be a long way from the pin, but it won’t matter if you stick to these keys.