Curious about wedge bounce and grinds? This app can help

PIng S159 wedges fitting app

The Ping S159 wedges offer Ping's most comprehensive grind options ever.

Ryan Barath

With the U.S. Open taking place at Pinehurst No. 2 this week, there has been endless conversation about how the short Bermuda grass around the greens and its grainy nature play a big role in shot selection, bounce, and wedge grinds.

For tour players, that selection process is made easy thanks to the fitters and club builders that travel with the world’s best players week to week, but with so many options to choose from, it can be a lot more difficult for amateurs to feel confident in their selection process — which is exactly why the engineering team at Ping developed their wedge fit app when they launch the new S159 wedges.

Ping Web fit wedges
Ping’s wedge fit app helps golfers find the right bounce and grind combination for their swing. Ping Golf

“In conjunction with the new S159 wedges, we’re excited to introduce the WebFit Wedge app to consumers,” said John K. Solheim, Ping’s CEO and president, “It’s a web-based app engineered to help golfers find the best grinds and gapping solutions for their games. It’s a quick and easy experience to help golfers cut through a lot of the confusion associated with buying wedges, ultimately making a recommendation on which s159 wedges will allow them to greatly improve their performance around the greens.”

The best part is, using the app doesn’t require any type of login or downloading — it’s as easy as accessing a QR code in stores (or going through this link: Ping WebFit Wedge App.)

Ping Wedge fit questions
Questions include course conditions, types of shots you hit, and average score. Ping Golf

The app guides golfers through a series of questions about their wedge game, including typical playing conditions and technique, which results in two suggested grind options. Golfers can then take those recommended options to a fitter to help them dial in the specs. The process only takes a few minutes and provides gapping information to help golfers configure the rest of their sets.

PING s159 Custom Wedge

With the addition of two grinds and new lofts, the tour-style s159 wedges are available in 25 loft/grind combinations to match a wedge to your playing conditions and technique while ensuring a properly gapped set. Extensive testing with top PING tour players helped create wedges that will appeal to golfers of all abilities. The new WebFit Wedge app provides a quick and easy way to determine the s159 grinds that best fit your game. Tour-Proven Design The tour-inspired 8620 carbon steel head features a soft feel and clean shape with a straighter lead edge for improved results on full shots. Two performance-enhancing finishes (Hybropearl 2.0 Chrome and Midnight) are available in all loft/grind combinations. More Grooves. More Spin. Wheel-cut grooves are precision-milled to varying dimensions, depending on loft. The 46-to-52-degree wedges are milled to maximize groove volume for greater control on full shots. The 54-to-62-degree options feature more tightly spaced MicroMax grooves to impart more spin, especially around the greens.
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Having recently gone through the online wedge fitting system and testing the recommended grind and bounce options, I am happy to report that the suggestions matched extremely well with my swing delivery and course conditions. After some extensive on-course and short game area testing I saw good control of my vertical impact location on the face — the true sign that a golfer is using the right grind and bounce combination.

Ping S159 wedge face fit
Consistant control of the vertical strike location is a sign you’re using the right bounce and grind combination. Ryan Barath

So if you’re a golfer who’s curious to find out which grind and bounce options are best for you, head over to Ping’s WebFit wedge page to learn more.

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