With the CBX 2 wedge, Cleveland crafted its most-forgiving model ever

December 21, 2019

When cleveland golf unveiled its first CBX wedge two years ago, the premise was to design an extremely forgiving wedge that felt at home with any game improvement iron set, without relinquishing a soft feel and added spin.

The CBX was a success, but some golfers bemoaned the single sole grind, hinting that the next iteration of the wedge needed more versatility to hit a greater variety of shots.

It didn’t take long for Cleveland to follow up, and in 2019, the company introduced what is no doubt Cleveland’s best-ever wedge offering in terms of forgiveness, feel, spin and versatility.

The CBX 2 wedge ($140 to $150; eight lofts) comes with a lighter hosel, tapered flange, wider toe, tour zip grooves, fourth-generation Rotex face milling, hollow-cavity design and Gelback TPU insert that combined makes it a cinch to hit consistent shots that fly high and stop on a dime. Furthermore, the wedge comes in three distinct sole grinds (categorized based on loft), enabling golfers to hit a variety of shots from anywhere within striking distance of the pin.

The Cleveland CBX 2 wedge.
The Cleveland CBX 2 wedge.
Jeffrey Westbrook; Styling: John Olson/Halley Resources

With so much engineering packed into a wedge, one might expect the CBX 2 to lack in the aesthetics department, but that’s not the case. The CBX 2 is shaped with a classic wedge profile that looks as good as it feels and performs. It’s a worthy offering for players wanting forgiveness paired with a buttery feel and excellent shot-making capabilities.

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