Changing wedge loft can alter another important aspect of your scoring clubs

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When you alter loft on wedges, it has an effect on bounce.

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Wedges come in stock lofts when you buy them off the rack, but not every golfer needs a 52-degree.

If you opt to bend your scoring clubs to fill a yardage gap, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: Weakening a wedge not only adds loft but bounce to the sole as well; strengthening has the opposite effect, decreasing the wedge’s bounce specs.

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By: Andrew Tursky

Depending on how you impact the ground, this alteration could negatively or positively affect your short game. Wedges with more bounce are designed for those who catch it heavy and play on soft turf, while less bounce is geared for firm turf and those who can feel the head bounce off the ground at impact.

It’s because of this that you should never alter loft more than two degrees in either direction.

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