Volvik Vivid XT golf balls mix flash and performance

January 26, 2017

By now everyone knows about Bubba Watson’s switch to the Volvik brand and the big distance and multiple colors the company’s golf balls offer. Though Watson plays the S4 model there’s a new Volvik model, the Vivid XT ($39.99/dozen), that’s also aimed at fast swingers (100 mph or more) who want a unique-looking sphere.

Only the second ball ever to feature a matte finish, the Vivid XT (extreme distance) features a four-piece construction, 100-compression core and Zirconium cover rather than the traditional urethane normally found in multi-piece Tour models for improved short-game performance and feel on the greens.

The multi-piece construction helps produce high ball speeds with low spin and high launch off the longer clubs, so much so that it will be the ball used by competitors in the World Long Drive Championship in 2017. The Vivid XT is available in five colors (yellow, green, orange, white, pink) with the aforementioned matte finish and is available at retail now.