WATCH: Unboxing the limited-edition (and stunning) Nicklaus-Miura irons set

Jack Nicklaus, the game’s greatest major champion, and Katsuhiro Miura, one of golf’s most respected clubmakers, recently teamed up to design stunning, limited-edition irons. Enter the collaborative Miura-Nicklaus Commemorative Irons.

Built to match the MacGregor Pro-81 blade irons Nicklaus used for decades during his heyday, the Miura-Nicklaus Commemorative Irons are built for the Golden Bear’s discerning eye and precise feel. (Nicklaus Companies and Miura are both affiliates of’s parent company, 8AM Golf.) The soles of the irons are made to sit perfectly flat on the playing surface, but they have enough bounce to provide Nicklaus with the turf interaction he preferred. They also have hosels built with “effective offset,” which gave Nicklaus that confidence-inspiring look at address.

The Miura-Nicklaus irons are made from S20C carbon steel, finished in a satin chrome and are stamped with Nicklaus’ famous Golden Bear logo.’s senior equipment editor Andrew Tursky was one of the first people to get his hands on these irons. Check out the video at the top of this story to see Tursky’s immediate reaction to unboxing the ultra-rare product and hear his take on the design, specs and packaging.

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