Titleist unveils Vokey SM6 wedges in limited edition brushed copper finish

April 26, 2017

Vokey’s M Grind SM6 wedge will be available for a limited time in a new, brushed copper finish ($199 each). The unique finish is created with the application of a black oxide finish that’s brushed lightly to show the copper plating underneath. The copper plating will become more and more visible as the black finish wears with use. The M Grind, Vokey’s most popular, is aimed at players with a fairly neutral swing that play in medium to firm conditions, making it a good fit for a wide variety of golfers.


Like all SM6 wedges, the new brushed copper limited edition model features a progressive center of gravity design that lines up the CG with the ideal impact area of each loft. The result is more precise control of distance and trajectory as well as improved feel at impact. The low loft models have a low CG that increases ball speed and distance and feature a thinner topline and raised area in the lower portion of the clubhead. The mid loft models have a mid CG location for improved distance gapping while the high loft models have a high CG location for improved trajectory control.

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Other features of Vokey SM6 brushed copper limited wedges include TX4 machine milled grooves with parallel face texture that improves spin consistency. Lower lofted models (46º-54º) feature a narrower, deeper version of the groove while the mid and higher lofted models (56º-62º) feature a wider, shallower groove design.

Look for the Vokey Design SM6 brushed copper limited finish wedges at retail on May 12th.