This was our most-read equipment story of the year

Andrew Tursky

Amateurs want to know what professionals know so they can improve. It’s a simple truth in all sports, and golf is no different. Amateur golfers want to know how Tiger Woods hits that stinger, or how Dustin Johnson hits the power fade, or how Bryson DeChambeau hits it so darn far.

Amateur golfers also want to know what the pros do with their equipment that gives them an advantage. That is, at least, if you go by our most-read equipment story of 2020.

Obviously, 2020 was an unsettling year due to the global pandemic. Golf proved to be a silver lining amongst the craziness, though. Being that golf is played outdoors, and six feet of social distancing is no problem on the course, golf became a go-to activity for people who wanted to get outside and do something. As a result, rounds of golf were played in record numbers, and golf equipment sales were through the roof, too.

With so many new golfers thinking about and buying new golf equipment, and the general golf audience curious about tricks the pros use, it was the perfect storm for our most-read equipment story of the year. On Aug. 19, during the height of golf season, our “5 equipment tricks that almost all PGA Tour players use” was published. And, as it turns out, it became the most-read equipment story on in 2020.

You’ll have to click the link here to read the story in its entirety (sorry!), but I’ve listed the “5 tricks” below for quick reference.

  1. They get fit to their swings
  2. They adjust lie angles and face angles
  3. They use lead tape or hot melt
  4. They use tipped shafts
  5. They have custom wedge grinds

Of course, pro golfers have access to free and ultra-custom equipment, and they have the best fitters and club builders on hand at each event to make sure they’re perfectly dialed in. That doesn’t mean you can’t get fit into your equipment setup, though. Make sure to give the story a read, and hopefully it helps you get your gear better matched up to your game. (If you need more help, visit the fitting experts at our sister company, True Spec Golf.)

Along the same lines, our most-watched equipment video of the year was when Gary McCord joined our Fully Equipped podcast and revealed the equipment tricks he used back in the day. McCord is one of the best storytellers in golf, and his golf equipment stories are well worth the listen. Watch the video directly below, or check out our full podcast with McCord in the Spotify embed further down the page.

Interested in a full club fitting? Head over to’s sister company True Spec Golf for information on how to get fit.

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