Report: U.S. golf equipment sales set all-time record highs in July

Golf sales are booming, according to a recent report.

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Months ago, many were concerned about what exactly the coronavirus pandemic meant for golf in the near future. As it turns out, however, business is currently booming.

According to Golf Datatech, an independent market research firm, golf equipment sales had a record-breaking month in July in the United States, recording the highest sales since the company started tracking data in 1997.

The company says that golf equipment, both on and off the golf course, saw $388.6 million in total sales across the board. The next two highest months ever in equipment sales were June 2007 with $368.1 million and June 2006 with $364 million of sales. Golf balls, irons, wedges and gloves also set all-time monthly sales records in July 2020, according to the report.

“Golf is surging through the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is a perfect outdoor social distancing recreational activity, and the retail results confirm what a lot of retailers and PGA Professionals have been feeling,” said John Krzynowek, a partner at Golf Datatech, in a press release. “Hard goods have fared especially well, clear evidence that people are playing golf and spending on equipment.”

As you might expect, though, equipment sales experienced a bit of a lull earlier in the year. Golf Datatech says there was a 31.4% year-to-date drop as of May, but obviously things have changed direction since then.

“July’s sales results were fantastic, considering everything that has transpired this year,” Krzynowek said. “And, while golf equipment retail sales still remain down in overall year-over-year sales, we’ve seen significant improvement since May when they were down 31.4% year-to-date.”

In uncertain times, Krzynowek remains cautiously optimistic given golf’s unique positioning in the country’s climate.

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“While nothing is assured in this crazy world we live in today, we are hopeful that the current upward trajectory will continue into the fall when things normally would slow down,” Krzynowek says. “However, this year we have the potential of very little college football, few youth activities, and curtailed travel for work and with the family, all of which might leave people at home with the opportunity to play more golf and buy more equipment.”

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