This ball marker is perfect for your golf buddy who’s loose with the rules

January 23, 2018
Golf ball marker

ORLANDO, Fla — You know that golf buddy of yours who is, for lack of a better term, is a little loose with the rules? The guy who messes around with his coin and his ball to get a precious few inches closer to the hole? Yes, every group has one.

Heck, it’s not just your friend, either: Several times in the HD television era we’ve seen pros being a little, uh, imprecise with how they mark their balls — sometimes with major championships on the line. And while an inch or two on the greens rarely makes much of a difference, this is golf, a game that takes great joy in punishing misdemeanors.

Enter the Sweet Spot Marker, which isn’t a poker chip or rusty quarter but a three-pronged plastic piece that uses what the company calls “trilateration” to point to exactly where your ball should be replaced.

In all seriousness, there is an appealing simplicity to the idea, which takes any of the guesswork out of marking a round object with another round object. (Circles, you’ll recall from geometry, can only meet in one spot).

And don’t worry about your buddy — there are plenty of other ways to bend the rules.

Customizable Sweet Spot Markers can be found here.