TaylorMade drops behind-the-scenes video that proves the onesie holiday card is 100% real

December 24, 2019

When this apparently too-good-to-be-true dropped onto social media just in time for the holidays, almost every golfer has the same reaction: There is no way that picture is real. 

It’s easy to see why people would have their doubts. After all, it’s a group of the best golfers on the planet, all dressed in matching onesies. But it is, indeed, real, as our own Sean Zak wrote about last week:

Tyler Brett, TaylorMade’s Content Manager, originally conceived it in mid-2018, and wanted to make it happen last year, before Morikawa and Wolff were even on staff. TaylorMade traditionally gathers its pro talent (“Team TaylorMade”) in the same place during the fall to 1.) introduce product to the pros and 2.) film a majority of the promotional materials to be used the ensuing year. It’s a high-strung day of things here, people there, cameras clicking and recording everywhere.

Brett had ordered customized pajamas for the five others (Woods, Rahm, Johnson, McIlroy and Day), all of them different and emblazoned with their names. The only issue was the card wasn’t high priority on commercial shoot day. When another shoot ran long, the Christmas card was the first item plucked from the itinerary.

“When we didn’t get to do it,” Brett says, “I was like, ‘Just our luck. Someone else is going to do this. Steal our idea. Steal our thunder.’ But fortunately that didn’t happen.”

And just in case there was any residual doubt that this was all some kind of big conspiracy, on Christmas Eve, TaylorMad dropped a behind-the-scenes video that proves, once and for all, this brilliant video was 100 percent real.

Check it out: