5 comfortable new golf shoes walkers should consider buying this summer

Golf shoes you should buy

Which golf shoe is right for you? Take your pick.

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As many courses forego the use of golf carts amid coronavirus health and safety concerns, walking is becoming more and more popular. Good golf shoes are more important than ever — especially for those not used to the walk.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite golf shoes that use the newest technology to keep your feet comfortable, dry, secure and stylish all day long. 

Ecco S-Three

The bed of this shoe uses technology to splits the sole into zones, ensuring comfort, stability and flexibility from your heel to your toes. It’s lightweight and durable outsole has reliable grip and traction, even though the shoe is spikeless. 

Asics Gel-Course Glide

Known for their top-of-the-line running shoes, Asics recently partnered with Srixon to get into the golf shoe market. They’ve infused their proprietary shock absorption gel technology to create a lightweight and flexible spikeless golf shoe for all day comfort.

True Linkswear OG Feel

The upper of this shoe is all made from one piece, producing sock-like comfort and breathability. Plus, the flexible outsole, water repellant shell and rubber tread combine traction and comfort for top notch on-course feel.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

This Brooks Kopeka-inspired shoe maximizes grip, comfort and style. The flyknit upper is made with weatherproof materials to keep your feet dry in any condition.

Cuater’s The Moneymaker

This shoe has a super comfortable Ortholite insole and an extremely lightweight construction for comfort throughout your round. Despite being a knit golf shoe, The Moneymaker is waterproof and stain-resistant.

Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor