You’re probably breaking this little-known airline rule about golf shoes

September 24, 2019

I’ve got a little work trip coming up, and because my work involves golf, I’m planning on bringing my sticks for research purposes. I’ll also bring a pair of golf shoes — exactly one pair of golf shoes, and no more. Because that, apparently, would be against the rules.

Who knew?

But yes, as I stumbled upon this week, there’s a hard-and-fast airline rule against bringing more than one one pair of golf shoes in your golf travel bag. It’s specified clearly on the various airlines’ websites, including United, Delta, and American Airlines. And it’s not a rule you want to break, because it could lead to airlines refusing to let you bring your luggage onto the plane.

But thankfully, there’s a loophole.

The rule pertains to the number of golf shoes you can pack in your golf bag, not the number of golf shoes you can pack overall.

So, if you’re bringing a golf bag, a bag for your clothes, and a carry on of some sort, you could pack golf shoes in each of your luggage items — that’s three pairs of golf shoes, plus a pair you can wear onto the plane. That’s four pairs of shoes, for each of your scripted outfits.