Yes, Allbirds has golf shoes now. They’re as comfortable as you’d think

Allbirds Golf Dasher.

Allbirds' Golf Dasher is the company's first golf shoe.


When I heard Allbirds was coming out with a golf shoe, I almost thought it was too good to be true.

As the owner of four different types of the brand’s shoes already, I knew had to try the company’s first foray into the golf industry.

In case you’re not familiar yet with Allbirds, the company started in 2016 as an eco-based direct-to-consumer shoe brand with its initial wool runner. Now the company offers 29 different styles made from mainly wool, eucalyptus fiber (tree) and sugarcane, available on their website and in Allbirds stores around the country.

When I was in college, people purchased Allbirds specifically to stand for 48 hours straight during our school’s dance marathon.

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The brand’s original wool runners are by far the most popular and, as far as I’ve noticed, are a top choice for many golf journalists around tournaments (even some GOLF staffers). One of my pairs is a derivative of the runner called the Runner-Up Mizzle, a high-top and water-resistant version. This is both the shoe I thought would help them become a golf shoe company, but also hurt them.

Allbirds Golf Dasher in natural white.
Allbirds Golf Dasher in natural white. Allbirds

Allbirds are predicated on their comfort and their sustainability. I’ve hit balls in my Runner-ups and while they’re some of the most comfortable and cozy shoes I own, I can feel they’re not as stable as perhaps a running shoe or even a golf shoe is during the swing (moral of the story: golf shoes are useful).

The company ended up taking its newer running shoe, the Dasher, as the base for its new Golf Dasher. While that’s one of the few styles I haven’t tried, based on my experience with the golf shoe, I was sure I’d like it.

Here’s my review of the shoe, looking at five factors; stability, traction, comfort/fit, elements and style.


I first noticed the Golf Dasher has a little bit more substance to the outsole of the shoe, which is how it offers more support and stability during the golf swing than the runner style. Unlike when I hit balls in my runner-ups, my foot doesn’t feel like it’s moving side to side and allows me to generate power like a regular golf shoe.

This was perhaps the biggest concern with the company making a golf shoe given their other products, but they’ve done a great job of adapting to the needs of a golfer.


I haven’t worn a shoe with soft spikes since I was in kindergarten so spikeless is my typical go-to. The Golf Dasher’s rubber lugs on the heel and toe section have yet to allow a slip, both on the course and a driving range mat. I have owned plenty of shoes from more established brands that I can’t say the same about.

The lug pattern on the Allbirds Golf Dasher.
The lug pattern on the Allbirds Golf Dasher. Allbirds


The shoe does not have a tongue and can be slipped on and off quite easily. They do come with a rather thick, castor bean oil-based foam insole, which was a bit of a problem for me since I wear an orthotic. I fixed it by just replacing it with a thinner insole purchased on Amazon, definitely something to note if you wear custom insoles typically.

Otherwise, once I got the footbeds sorted out, the shoes fit like a glove. They come in half sizes, like most of the of company’s active sneakers, but do not come in wide or narrow. Allbirds suggest going up a half or full size for wider feet. I wear a size 11, and they were true to size for me.

The construction includes ZQ merino wool (wool is a bit of a signature for Allbirds) which makes them super comfortable and breathable. It also allows you to clean them by putting them in the washing machine, a staple of most Allbirds shoes.


I have not tested the shoes in the rain, but I frankly don’t plan it because I don’t think that’s what they were made for. The Golf Dashers do have a Bio-based TPU mudguard, but they are not waterproof. For that reason, these should never be your only pair of golf shoes, but they should keep you dry with morning dew.

I’ll personally use these shoes for range sessions and nine-hole rounds when I simply want to take things easy and stay comfortable.


The shoes come in natural black and natural white, both of which have a white outsole and then either a black or beige upper. Both look great and should go well with just about any outfit (disclaimer: I am not a style expert so decide that last bit for yourself, although I’m pretty sure I’m right).

Even though this shoe is new for the company, it still retains a good bit of their typical look with the doubhnut shaped eyelets and thick laces.

Bonus: You can also rest assured, Allbirds is a carbon-neutral company and the Golf Dasher has a carbon footprint of just 6.88 CO2e.

The Allbirds Golf Dasher can purchased on the Allbirds website for $145. You can click here for men’s version or click here for the women’s version.

Allbirds Golf Dasher
Allbirds Golf Dasher

Allbirds Golf Dasher

Roomy forefoot meets full-swing stability in our nature-made golf shoe. This lightweight style seamlessly transitions from course to post-round drinks and can help you get through any drizzles (or sandtraps) that come your way.

Jack Hirsh Editor

Jack Hirsh is an assistant editor at GOLF. A Pennsylvania native, Jack is a 2020 graduate of Penn State University, earning degrees in broadcast journalism and political science. He was captain of his high school golf team and recently returned to the program to serve as head coach. Jack also still *tries* to remain competitive in local amateurs. Before joining GOLF, Jack spent two years working at a TV station in Bend, Oregon, primarily as a Multimedia Journalist/reporter, but also producing, anchoring and even presenting the weather. He can be reached at