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3 rules of thumb when picking out your perfect golf shoes

May 5, 2019

The most welcome of all recent golf-apparel upgrades has to be the uplift in golf shoes. Gone are the days of the super-heavy brogan, and thank goodness for that. Modern footwear has gotten more comfortable, lighter, water-tight—and loads more fun. It doesn’t matter what your style thing is—classic saddle, sneaker geek—there’s a shoe out there for you, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t want to be seen going too old-school. For you, the revolution in spikeless kicks—among others—has taken hold in a big way, with shoes as much at home in a restaurant as they are on the first tee.

Style, Step-by-Step

1. The type of golf shoe you choose depends, of course, on your personal style preference, but a lot on your outlook on the game itself. Do you like something that features modern engineering but will also brave every weather element and look hip? Do you prefer the classic elegance of a saddle? Maybe you just want the relaxed look, and a sneaker style will make you happy.

2. For some—especially all you walkers— functionality is key. Sneaker-style kicks are typically lighter than traditional golf shoes. Just remember that they often don’t have the grip of a classic cleat.

3. Consider your other attire when choosing your shoe. If you really are chill in your wardrobe, find sneakers that match up with that. If you’re going more trad, let that guide your footwear as well.

Courtesy Whiskers Laces

Get laced: Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your shoes. They all come with a pair, but be honest: is white really the way you want to go with your shoelaces? The people at Whiskers don’t think so. The Web-based company offers spools and spools of premium striped and colored laces ($15), and a slogan that ties them all together: “Laces for the rebellious person with feet in all of us!” whiskerslaces.com

Keep your kicks clean: There’s nothing worse than a dirty pair of golf shoes. When desperate times call for an emergency spiffing the night before a big round, reach for the hair conditioner. Apply a dab, give the kicks a scrub, then rinse them. Not only will the conditioner clean your shoes, it will give them an unexpected sparkle.