Can equipment startup Robin Golf make waves in the industry?

November 26, 2019
Direct-to-consumer brand Robin Golf will offer sets for men and women ($799), and children ages 6-12 ($249 and up).

Robin Golf is new to the equipment scene. Tired of spending a fortune on clubs, co-founders Andrew Marler, a former collegiate golfer, his wife, Ali, and brother, Peter, created the direct-to-consumer brand as an entry point for golfers who are looking for a “pro-quality” set of clubs (plus a golf bag) for roughly the same price you’d spend for a high-end driver and aftermarket shaft. 

During a recent launch party in New York, GOLF correspondent Emily Haas took in the scene and spoke to the Robin Golf co-founders about where they hope to take the brand.

Who are you? 

Robin Golf is a direct-to-consumer brand that can be easily bought online. It’s reminiscent of brands like Away, Brooklinen, All Birds and Casper. 

1.  The founders are from Facebook, so they are very much into the user experience and making sure the site is modern, pretty, fast, and easy to use.

2. Trying to shake up the way product shots are executed on their website. Check out their current site.

3. They are able to save money by cutting out the “middle man” and not having to pay sales reps around the country like most other equipment brands. The direct-to-consumer brand has been done before, but Robin Golf is hoping to capture a different target audience.

Robin Golf co-founders Andrew, Ali and Peter Marler.
Robin Golf co-founders Andrew, Ali and Peter Marler.
Robin Golf

Target audience

1. With Robin Golf, it’s all about accessibility and appealing to beginners — a golf brand for non-golfers.

2. They don’t sell individual clubs. There are 9 club sets for men, women, and kids that come with a bag.

3. Youth sets range from $229-259 and the adult sets are $799. The clubs are designed for men who range in height from 5’6″ to 6’3″ and women from 5’0 to 5’8″.

4. The clubs all look the same (all black) no matter what gender set you purchase. They have a clean, classic look.

5. Unlike other equipment brands, they encourage their customers to try out their product before committing to the purchase by offering free shipping and free returns (up to 90 days), even if the clubs have been used. Their whole idea is to promote the game and make golf less intimidating.

6. The brand manufactures its clubs in the same factories as top brands and is committed to producing a quality product that golfers can stand behind.


1. Robin Golf is making sure they represent women and other minority groups that are not generally represented in the golf industry all over their site and within their product shots — models are wearing everyday clothes and are pictured on the beach as well as the golf course

2. Robin Golf co-founder Ali Marler mentioned they are working to send a follow-up e-mail to customers with roughly five local public courses within a certain radius of their zip code.

3. Within the golf world, they are trying to position themselves as a stepping stone to other equipment brands — not as a competitor to Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, etc.

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