WATCH: Ping, John Deere create enormous Anser putter that actually works

July 11, 2019
Ping collaborated with John Deere on a giant Anser putter.

Ping launched a new Anser putter at the John Deere Classic — only it’s not a version you’ll ever see in retail stores. Weighing in at 325 pounds and measuring 61.5 inches in length (heel to toe), the equipment manufacturer’s latest creation is just slightly bigger than the flatstick currently found in your golf bag.

With the exception of maybe Paul Bunyan, no one in the tournament field could roll the rock with something that enormous — unless it was, say, attached to the end of a compact excavator.

With John Deere world headquarters down the road from TPC Deere Run, site of the John Deere Classic, Ping figured it would be fun to collaborate on a hybrid excavator-putter for the tournament.

According to the manufacturer, John Deere engineers flew to Ping headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona roughly one month ago to begin the process of enlarging the popular Anser putter with Tony Serrano, a senior design engineer at Ping. Computer-aided design was used to create the putter at traditional specs before John Deere took the reins, increasing the overall scale to fit one of their excavators.

The Anser head was molded from aluminum and has all the touches you’d find on the standard version, which is an impressive feat given the short turnaround for the project.

But just creating a giant putter wasn’t enough for Ping and John Deere. This excavator-putter can actually roll putts (!!!), something I’m pretty sure any golfer would love to do at least once in their life. The good news for fans attending the tournament is you’ll actually be able to give the one-off putter a shot and attempt to make a putt to a giant hole using a giant golf ball.

Ping staffers Andrew Landry and Trey Mullinax tried their hand at making a putt, and let’s just say the results were mixed. Considering neither works with heavy-duty equipment for a living (unless you count the driver), we’ll give them both a pass for missing the bunny putt.

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