Sergio Garcia shows off custom Team Europe-inspired putter just in time for the Ryder Cup

September 20, 2018
Sergio Garcia's custom Toulong putter references the Ryder Cup

Sergio Garcia will once again represent Team Europe at the Ryder Cup. This time, though, he has a new weapon in his bag: a custom putter from Toulon.

Garcia has played an Odyssey Toulon Atlanta putter all season. Recently, he asked the Toulon folks to work him up a new flatstick in a rose gold finish.

Sergio Garcia's custom Odyssey Toulon Atlanta putter in the shop.
A view of Sergio Garcia’s custom Odyssey Toulon Atlanta putter in the shop.

But when Garcia received the package, he was surprised by what he found. Instead of one putter, the company made him two — and they weren’t just any putters. Each club was decked out in custom colors and stamps.

One of the new putters wears the colors of Garcia’s homeland, Spain. But the other one is a real stunner, featuring blue and yellow paint in honor of the European Ryder Cup team. Toulon’s experts added stars around the edge of the putter head representing each of Garcia’s Ryder Cup appearances.

The back of Sergio Garcia's custom Ryder Cup putter
A look at the back of Sergio Garcia’s custom Toulon putter.

There is even a star for the 2010 Ryder Cup. Garcia did not make the team as a player that year but did serve as a vice captain. The color of that particular star is white, unlike the others, a unique feature that didn’t get by Sergio.

“I would have loved for that one to be a different color.”

Watch Sergio show off the new putter below.