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Scotty Cameron’s new Phantom X 12.5 putter blends high-tech and head-turning aesthetics

February 19, 2020

If Batman played golf, he’d probably stick a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 putter ($429) in his bag. It’s one of the meanest-looking mallets out there, with a futuristic profile that offers a multitude of performance benefits. The wing-like extensions in the back of the heel and toe position more weight along the perimeter to increase the overall stability and MOI properties of the head.

While Cameron putters are designed to fit a wide range of players based on research and experience, sometimes all it takes is player input to inspire new head shapes.

“Every time we introduce a new putter line, I receive requests from Tour players and dedicated golfers for additional setups and configurations,” Cameron says. “Phantom X 12.5 is the result of some of those requests.”

With the Phantom X 12.5, Cameron retained the shape of the original Phantom X and paired it with a neck that features one shaft-width of offset and a single “low bend” design to promote more toe flow and face rotation during the putting stroke.

Cameron revamped the sight line for the X 12.5 as well, replacing the neon-yellow dots and solid lines framing the crown with a single high-gloss black centerline that’s milled from the leading edge to the back flange.

An alternate view of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 putter.
An alternate view of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 putter.
Courtesy of Scotty Cameron

“[The alignment on Phantom X 12] showed up great,” Cameron says. “But there are some guys who really don’t like this; they want to know a line’s there, but they don’t want it blinking in their face.”

The head is constructed from 303 stainless steel and 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum with vibration-dampening technology built into the multi-material housing.

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