Getting fit for the right putter grip can save you on the greens

July 9, 2019

Custom fitting isn’t just for irons and drivers, it’s vital for putters, too. Even finding the right putter grip size can make you hole more putts.

Fitting your putter to your individual stroke is as critical as fitting your full-swing clubs. According to Golf Pride‘s Bruce Miller, choosing the right-sized putter grip is a good place to start the selection process.

“Larger grips often quiet the hands and wrists and work well for players who want less hand action,” Miller says, “while smaller grips tend to activate the hands and suit those with wristier strokes.”

Our advice? Follow the formula that dictates choosing a larger grip to match a stroke dominated by the larger muscles and a smaller one for a stroke controlled by the smaller muscles in the wrists and hands.

If your putter stroke incorporates both sets of muscles, go the midsized route.

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