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Ping versus Ping: Key differences between Vault 2.0 and Sigma 2 putters

September 7, 2019

You could make a very strong argument that Ping is one of the most influential putter manufacturers in the history of the game. The original Anser model, first introduced in 1966 and marked “Scottsdale,” has been used to win more than 500 professional tournaments to date, including all four majors in one year (1988). So what better putter model to look at than the Anser, which is still alive and very well in the company’s Vault 2.0 ($299) and Sigma 2 ($199) lines.

According to Tony Serrano, Ping senior design engineer, the differences in the two putters might seem fairly subtle to some, but in terms of looks and feel, they’re actually quite different. “The Vault 2.0 is 100 percent milled with no face insert, while the Sigma 2 is cast and features an insert,” Serrano explains. “The inherent differences in feel—the Sigma 2 provides a softer sensation at impact—are more than enough to make one model more appealing to a certain group of players than the other. Plus the different look of the two models, due to the manufacturing methods used to produce each, is often a determining factor for many potential buyers.”

The Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser putter (top left) and the Ping Sigma 2 Anser putter.
The Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser putter (top left) and the Ping Sigma 2 Anser putter.
Courtesy of Ping

So you have the choice between a one-piece, fully milled putterhead (Vault 2.0) and a multi-piece cast design (Sigma 2). Both feature Ping’s TR milling pattern in the face, a feature that is designed to even out ball speed and distance on center and off-center hits.

The Sigma 2 is fitted with a dual-durometer PEBAX face insert, which incorporates a soft front layer with a firmer back layer. The result is an insert that provides a more delicate feel on short putts and a firmer one on longer putts that need to be struck more authoritatively. The Vault 2.0 is a one-piece clubhead milled from 303 Stainless steel, which provides a firmer overall feel on putts of all lengths.

The Vault 2.0 Dale Anser also comes standard with a custom sole-weighting system, allowing the club to be fitted with three different stainless steel weights: standard, tungsten (15g heavier than standard), or aluminum (15g lighter than standard). In contrast, the Sigma 2 Anser has a fixed weight of 350g but comes with Ping’s innovative adjustable-shaft technology, which allows players to change the length of the putter anywhere between 32″ to 36″ with the simple turn of a screw in the top of the grip.

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