FIRST LOOK: Miura’s milled KM1 and KM2 putters

Miura KM-1 & KM-2 Putter


When a brand is known the world over for its longstanding history, legendary craftsmanship, handcrafted artistry, and passionate commitment to using only the finest quality raw materials for each of its golf clubs — the bar to succeed with something completely new, is at times, impossible to clear.

Just don’t tell that to the folks over at Miura, who thrive on the challenge to exceed expectations and deliver products that are among best-in-class in virtually every category of clubs it makes. And judging by our first look at the new ultra-premium KM1 and KM2 putters, the bar has been not only cleared but risen once again.

It’s only fitting that master clubmaker Shinei Miura delivers a pair of putters—the company’s first in four years—sure to please premium putter aficionados. Both models in the KM line are milled of the same Japanese stainless-steel billets used exclusively by the Miura family for their legendary forged irons.

This means these putters have that soft, buttery feel that players have come to expect from Miura, only this time in a putter model that’s perfectly balanced for a smooth stroke. Which speaking of precision, the CNC-milling ensures each putter has a flat putter face with a groove pattern specifically designed to promote a straighter and faster end-over-end roll.

“Whenever we decide to issue a new product, the most important consideration is that it has to meet the same strict quality standards that we have already established,” said Kevin O’Connell, VP of Sales for Miura Golf. “So, if we’re bringing a new putter line to market, with our world-renowned Japanese steel and the highest standards in the industry, our customers know it will be in a class all by itself.”

Miura KM1 Putter Miura
Miura KM2 Putter Miura

The difference between the two models is that the KM1 has softer, more rounded lines with a slightly rolled top-line, while the KM2 is designed with sharper lines and a slightly longer blade length and tri-sole. Both new offerings however share much of the same DNA – a deep milled face with a satin finish, a head weight of 360 grams and a chrome stepless steel shaft with premium leather grips. The distinct Miura logo is on the heel of the face with a Miura script in the back cavity. 

Both the KM1 and KM2 are available with either standard or midsize grips and retail for $999 each. They’re expensive, but when it comes to Miura equipment you get what you pay for in spades.  

Golfers can purchase the KM1 and KM2 and all other Miura products fully assembled at

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