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Why Brooks Koepka benched his faithful Scotty Cameron putter

January 30, 2020

Brooks Koepka isn’t the sentimental type when it comes to his equipment. Two weeks after he replaced the last Nike club in his bag, the four-time major winner benched the faithful Scotty Cameron T10 Newport 2 putter that dates back to his time at Florida State University.

Koepka confirmed to Sky Sports he was using a new putter in Saudi Arabia, but didn’t specify the model. Upon further inspection, it looks to be a Scotty Cameron T22 Newport 2 in a silver finish that differs from the tactical matte black found on the retail version. (The black finish can be found on T22 Tour putters as well.)

The words “For Tour Use Only” can be seen on the bumpers of Koepka’s new wand, along with a Circle T stamped next to the Teryllium insert and single sightline on the flange. The head is the first thing that catches your eye with the new putter, but it actually wasn’t the impetus behind the change.

According to Koepka, it had more to do with the addition of a new SuperStroke Traxion PistolGT 2.0 grip that replaced the standard Scotty Cameron pistol grip found on his T10 Newport 2.

“We just changed the grip, but technically it is a new putter,” Koepka told Sky Sports. “Pretty much the same thing as the old one, just for the grip change.”

Koepka didn’t go into specifics behind the grip change, but the decision to go from a smaller pistol profile to something with a bit more beef — and a different overall feel due to SuperStroke’s proprietary rubber compound — implies he was likely looking to quiet the hands during the stroke.

Brooks Koepka with his new putter in Saudi Arabia.
Brooks Koepka with his new putter in Saudi Arabia.
Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for a player to change the grip on their current putter of choice, but in Koepka’s case, he didn’t want to alter the setup of the T10 Newport 2 putter that helped him win four major titles. So he chose to go with a completely different head and grip build.

While Koepka is technically right that the T22 is “pretty much the same thing” as his T10, there are a few differences — most notably the silicone dots found in the cavity of the T22. Koepka’s T10 features three visible screws in the back cavity that secure the insert, an updated look from the dots that put the original TeI3 Newport — better known as the putter Tiger Woods used to win the 1997 Masters — on the map.

With the T22, Cameron chose to return the putter to its roots with the original dots, which act as an insurance policy due to a vibration dampening adhesive that bonds the Teryllium inlay to the head. From there, Cameron uses four screws and white silicone — to conceal the screws — to ensure nothing comes loose.

Koepka shot even-par 70 during the opening round in Saudi Arabia with the new putter in the bag.

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