Odyssey Milled Collection Putters

March 17, 2015

Originally released to the Japanese market the New Odyssey Milled putters ($349) have been so well received that they’re now being introduced to the U.S. Tours and marketplace. Featuring four models (#2, #5, #6M, #9) the Milled Collection features Odyssey’s Fusion RX insert that combines the feel of the famed White Hot insert and the smooth roll produced by the Metal-X stainless steel mesh insert.

Each putter model in the line has been refined to be more Tour-centric and have characteristics like flatter toplines and more square face profiles. All Milled putters also feature advanced CNC milling and hand finishing to make them as precise as possible for more discerning players. Three sets of customizable weights (340g, 350g, 360g) are also available to fine-tune the weight and feel of each model to fit individual preference.

“Milled Collection has performed well both in the marketplace and on Tour in Japan, and we’re very excited to introduce it this week on the U.S. Tours,” Odyssey Global Product Director, Chris Koske said. “This is a great addition to the line for us. It’s the intro of new and unique head shapes, and of course the Fusion RX insert that’s been so key to the success of our Odyssey Works Putters.”

The Odyssey Milled Collection will be available at retail on April 17th.

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