Mizuno ST 230 drivers land on USGA conforming list. Here’s what you need to know

2023 Mizuno drivers ST 230

Mizuno ST-X, ST-Z, and ST Platinum drivers landed on the USGA conforming driver list.


This week the PGA Tour is headed to Japan for the ZOZO Championship, and in an interesting turn of events, Mizuno which is a company that was founded in Japan over 100 years ago just had 3 new drivers find their way to the USGA and R&A conforming drivers list.

We have taken some time to analyze the pictures and this is everything we have concluded about the 2023 Mizuno ST series drivers.

2023 Mizuno ST 230 drivers

Mizuno ST 230 drivers 2023
There appears to be 3 new Mizuno driver models on the USGA List USGA Conforming list

Although it wasn’t always the case, Mizuno has found a nice rhythm to the naming of their metal woods to create a cohesive line that is easy to identify for the target golfer — the ST-Z is a neutral biased driver, and the ST-X offers more draw bias while remaining adjustable. The ST 230 drivers look to be continuing this trend with the STX having a more heel bias weight in the back of the head.

2023 Mizuno drivers ST 230
Mizuno ST-Z and ST-X 230 drivers USGA

The odd one of the bunch is the ST-X 230 Platinum (below) which looks to offer the same visual technology as the standard ST-X. If Mizuno is staying true to previous generations the Platinum will be a lighter head version of the driver that can be paired with a lighter shaft to create a driver tuned for moderate swing speed players looking for extra distance.

Mizuno STx Platinum 230 2023
Mizuno STX 230 Platinum USGA

From a design perspective, all three of the new models look to have an elongated skirt and sole which has allowed the engineers to move the adjustable weight screw from the sole to the most rear part of the head. This is likely to increase forgiveness and boost MOI.

The other noticeable change is the Cortech Chamber, and if I was to draw one conclusion about this new addition— Mizuno has increased the wave width and volume of the standing wave behind the face and this polymer-filled “chamber” helps with flexing and sound. With the chamber extending out further toward the toe, I’m willing to bet there is a ball speed story to tell with these new drivers when it comes to off-center hits.

Mizuno STZ fairway woods and hybrids

What’s a driver release without matching fairway woods and hybrids right?

2023 Mizuno ST fairway woods 230
Mizuno ST-Z 230 fairway woods USGA

Mizuno will accompany the new ST-Z 230 drivers with matching fairway woods, which will share a similar technology story as the drivers. Although it’s hard to tell, and it’s a bit of a guess on my part, it does appear that the new ST-Z fairway is going to be a bit smaller and more pear shape compared to the previous generation based on the dimensions relative to the hosel. We don’t have any word on if there will be an ST-X option.

As for hybrids looks like Mizuno is going to have lots of loft options based on the heads registered with the USGA and R&A, and will be bringing to market a top to bottom gapping solution for players at the top end of their set.

Mizuno ST 230 2023 hybrids
Mizuno ST-Z 230 hybrids USGA

We don’t have an official release date on these new drivers, fairway woods, or hybrids beyond early 2023 according to Mizuno’s blog, but we do have a colored image of the driver and will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Mizuno ST 230 driver color image 2023
Mizuno ST-Z 230 Mizuno

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