Move over, GolfBoards, here come Phat Scooters, another fun way to zip around the course

January 23, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — Phat Scooters are officially in.

It’s Demo Day at the PGA Show, where nothing revved the collective engines of the golf-mad attendees more than these two-wheeled terrors.

The Phat Scooters are remarkably easy to ride and handle, allowing even the motorcycle-averse among you to live out Easy Rider dreams on the golf course while your bag rests comfortably behind your seat, as demonstrated by my colleague Sean Zak below.

These electric scooters can be set to “golf” mode, maxing out at 13 miles per hour, or set to full throttle if you choose to hit the open road.

Two models are available for purchase: the Phatty Original and the Phatty Sport. The Phat Scooters are available for customization and are currently on sale at starting at $1699.