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With major iron releases from two of golf’s biggest equipment manufacturers this week, including Titleist with an updated version of the popular T-Series, the Fully Equipped crew, including Managing Editor Jonathan Wall and Senior Editor Ryan Barath, sat down to discuss their experiences with the new irons.

One of the biggest takeaways from Wall and Barath was how the new T150 (compact design for workability) and T350 (max distance and forgiveness) lines could be a big surprise for golfers who haven’t considered investing in Titleist irons in the past.

Titleist T350 iron 2024
Titleist’s new T350 iron. Jonathan Wall

“Here’s a funny thing,” said Wall, who carries a single-digit handicap. “I went in and I thought, ‘You know, I’ll hit the T350, but I’m probably not going to end up with one. But (after my fitting) I ended up with a T350 4-iron (built into my set). It’s a really fun golf club, and even as a single-digit handicap, I love the look of this golf club at address. It’s got a little bit of extra beef but it’s not too chunky…they’ve really cleaned up the entire look. I could see this becoming a popular option for a handful of players on Tour.”

2024 Titleist T series irons
Titleist’s 2023 T-Series irons: 5 things you need to know
By: Ryan Barath

What separates the new T350 iron from the previous generation T300 is rather than using a cast cavity-back construction, the new T350 takes all the technology of the T200, including the forged face, and makes it game-improvement-minded with a wider sole and lower center of gravity to boost ball speed, distance and launch — while still building an iron that feels much more solid and precise.

Added Barath: “What’s interesting for Titleist is they have the new U505 and the T200 utility build, and at some point, they could offer the T350 as part of this gapping solution. But either way, it’s a great club to allow golfers to blend into the top end of their set. For players that want a combo set, it’s going to be a really nice option because it offers all the technology of the T200 but in a bigger package.

Titleist all new 2023 T-Series irons

Starting at $200/club
Titleist’s new T-Series irons incorporate technology to help golfers of all skill levels find the right irons for their game.

“Let’s not forget the U505 utility which is a perfect option for players that don’t want to play a hybrid… it is that third option (between a hybrid and fairway wood) for golfers that want hybrid distance and forgiveness but want something that looks like an iron.”

U505 back titleist 2024
the new U505 utility is a perfect option for players that prefer an iron over a hybrid Titleist

So if you’re in the market for some new irons, the new T-Series from Titleist — and specifically the T350s — are a great option, especially when looking at the game-improvement category.

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Ryan Barath

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