Titleist’s 2023 T-Series irons: 5 things you need to know

2024 Titleist T series irons

The new Titleist T-Series irons focus on improving the little things so they add up to big gains, including adding two new performance models.


The Titleist T-series irons are some of the most successful irons on the PGA Tour, and when you have a really good thing going, you try not to mess with a winning formula. With the new 2023 T-Series irons, Titleist put a renewed focus on improving the little things so they added up to big gains, including the addition of two new models with improved performance.

Here are the five things you need to know about the new T-Series irons from Titleist.

1. Four models to choose from

Titleist 2024 t series irons
Titleist T100, T150, T200 and T350 irons. Jonathan Wall

Like with the previous generation T-Series irons, there are four models to help golfers find the right performance fit based on Titleist’s 3D fittings principles: distance control, dispersion and descent.

These three principles ensure that all golfers have the ability to get the most from their iron approach game, while also having what is known as a playable trajectory to help stop shots closer to the target.

The models include the T100, a new T150, the T200 and a new T350 model for maximum forgiveness.

2. Model details

As mentioned off the top, when you have a good thing, and that good thing is the number one iron model on the PGA Tour — you try not to mess with it too much.

T100 2024 inside tech
A look inside the technology behind the T100 iron. Titleist

So, with that in mind, the new T100 offers subtle refinement to the popular iron while maintaining the tungsten-filled dual cavity construction that makes it one of the most compact yet forgiving irons on the market. For added consistency, the faces of the T100 are now 100% CNC milled for even more precision.

inside T150 titleist 2024
Inside the technology of the Titleist T150. Titleist

The T150 is an addition to the T-series and fits between the T100 and T200 models for looks, forgiveness and overall performance. Although it shares the same loft specs as the previous T100s, the T150 offers a slightly larger footprint to increase forgiveness and provide a more confidence-inspiring look from address for those that find the T100 a little intimidating.

To help increase launch and add more ball speed, the T150’s muscle channel has been positioned closer to the face while the rear bar has been made thicker to maintain a solid feel.

inside t200 iron titleist 2024
Inside the technology of the Titleist T200. Titleist

The hollow body T200 utilizes a similar platform as the previous generation but with an improved focus on feel alongside offering the ultimate performance distance iron. A re-engineered body creates a stiffer structure and allows the refined max impact technology to fit tighter against the new forged face design.

inside the Titleist T350 2024
Inside the technology of the Titleist T350. Titleist

The T350 takes all the technology of the T200 and makes it game improvement with a wider sole and lower center of gravity to boost ball speed, distance and launch. All of this while still focusing on creating an iron that feels much more solid and precise than the previous generation.

3. All about feel

If there was one thing from the previous generation that Titleist and its players wanted, it was an improved feel at impact, and that was a huge focus of the development process.

Titleist T100 iron back bar
The back bar of the new T100 is thicker than the previous generation. Jonathan Wall

For the T100 and T150, that means an updated and slightly thicker back bar to produce a solid yet soft feel that has been validated by the best players in the world. For the T200 and T350, that feel improvement comes from a refined back cavity badge and redesigned max impact dampener.

4. Added performance

Whether it be the newly milled faces of the T100s and T150s or the refined max impact technology of the T200 and T350 irons, the full iron series is driven by performance from the top to the bottom of the bag.

Titleist T series address 2024
From top left to bottom right: T100, T150, T200, T350. Jonathan Wall

The main throughline of the new T-series is model-to-model transitioning and the ability to easily build combo sets to make sure you have the best 3D fit from your longest iron all the way to your wedges.

Matthew Fitzpatrick
How to control distance and stop your irons faster | Firsthand with a Fitter
By: Ryan Barath

A majority of Titleist’s staff professionals found performance gains by adding forgiveness and speed to their longer irons, so don’t be surprised if you find up to three different models in your bag to help suit your needs on the course.

5. One series, one price

To help eliminate any confusion, the entire line is priced the same from top to bottom ($200 per club in steel and $215 in graphite) with the one noticeable jump in the T350, which unlike the previous generation T300, offers the same technology as the T200 and more complicated construction.

Titleist all new 2023 T-Series irons

Starting at $200/club
Titleist’s new T-Series irons incorporate technology to help golfers of all skill levels find the right irons for their game.

The whole T-Series lineup of irons is now available for fitting at Titleist retail accounts and will be available in golf shops globally starting Aug. 25.

No matter what your fit, or what kind of golfer you are, there is something for any level of golfer in the new T-Series from Titleist.

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