Why this wedge is known as the ‘ultimate bunker club’

vokey wedgeworks low bounce k

The WedgeWorks Low Bounce K boasts a wide sole with only 6 degrees of effective bounce.

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Legendary wedge craftsman Bob Vokey has made a plethora of game-changing scoring tools during his time in the equipment industry, but only one has earned the label “the ultimate bunker club.”

When Vokey’s K grind sole was initially introduced, tour pros saw the benefits it could produce from the sand. Boasting the widest sole in the lineup with a generous helping of bounce, the wedge made it easier to get through fluffy sand and softer course conditions.

But what about courses where the conditions bordered on exceptionally firm? Several players spoke to Vokey and Tour maestro Aaron Dill about the idea of lowering the K grind’s bounce to make it a better option when the bunker sand firmed up — and the Low Bounce K was born.

Titleist Vokey WedgeWorks SM10 Low Bounce K Custom Wedge

Inspired by Voke’s original K Grind, the Low Bounce SM10 K grind is among the most popular of all the available Vokey options, especially with amateur golfers who favor its wide, cambered sole, providing maximum forgiveness on greenside shots and out of the bunker. Adding Vokey Design® SM10 Wedges to your bag opens a world of scoring opportunities. Between the crisp contact, optimal flighting, incredible spin – and those magical Bob Vokey grinds – they give you everything you need to grow your short game skill. From the simple to the sensational, SM10 are made to make great shots happen. Improved Flighting & Feel Get lower, more attacking flight in a wedge that feels amazingly solid at impact with SM10. A precise shift in the center of gravity gives you even more control and stability for greater confidence over every shot. Ultimate Shot Versatility Your swing is unique and requires the right tools. Finding your ideal mix of grinds will provide you with flawless contact and maximum versatility so you can be prepared for everything the course demands.
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“As a result, we crafted a sole with 6 degrees of effective bounce, while maintaining the wide camber that makes the K design so effective for a wide variety of players,” Vokey said. “As soon as we brought it out on tour, it was immediately accepted and in the bags of multiple players as soon as they had a chance to test it.”

The Low Bounce K has become a yearly WedgeWorks offering for Vokey, and this year is no different. Boasting Vokey’s SM10 technology, the 2024 WedgeWorks Low Bounce K (raw finish) features 6 degrees of effective bounce for open face shots where the leading edge needs to meet ground for deft softs off tight lies.

The grind’s sole width remains wide, so golfers don’t have to worry about flubbing the ball in the bunker, especially when the sand conditions firm up. The Low Bounce K is currently played by a myriad of tour pros, including Bud Cauley, Robert MacIntyre and Danielle Kang.

“The K grind lives in the bags of some of the world’s best,” said Dill. “It has always been known as the ultimate bunker club. However, when you ask players on tour why they play the K grind, they will tell you not only do they love the performance in the bunkers, but they love the way the leading edge hugs the ground when pitching and chipping.”

vokey wedgeworks low bounce k
The Low Bounce K comes in a raw finish that will patina over time. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Vokey continues to put a high value on spin with a TX9 groove that’s individually cut based on loft and finish. The Spin Milled cutting process, introduced last year with SM9, tightens tolerances by using a cutter to create the entire scoreline instead of a partial scoreline.

The cutter is now cutting the groove to the end of the parallel texture, as opposed to the groove edge, to give it an even more precise geometry from one groove to the next. Micro grooves individually cut in between each groove add bite on partial shots around the green, too.

Vokey’s WedgeWorks Low Bounce K ($225) comes right- and left-handed (58-06 and 60-06 degrees) and can be custom-built through Fairway Jockey.

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