These versatile Mizuno wedges are on sale!

Mizuno S23 wedges

The Mizuno S23 wedges are on sale at Fairway Jockey.


Some of Miznuo’s popular forged wedges are now on sale at Fairway Jockey.

The Mizuno S23 wedge may not look like your traditional player’s wedge, but that’s because these wedges are packed full of technology to help you get the pall in tight next to the hole.

The S23’s cavity back design and shorter hosel length help push to the center of gravity toward the center of the club face, as opposed to the heel on most traditional wedges.

This combined with a one-piece forging process in the same Hiroshima facility as the company’s legendary irons creates an unmistakable feel for your scoring clubs.

Mizuno S23 Chrome wedge
$40 off!

Mizuno S23 Custom Wedge

Comprehensively engineered for extreme backspin – the S23 combines the precision and playing profile of a player’s bladed wedge with the aggressive performance of a toe-weighted design. A shorter hosel and heel-orientated cavity allow greater mass pushed towards the toe and a centered sweet spot (located heel-side in conventional wedges) . The centered sweet spot contributes to longer impact time, less head deflection and higher spin from both full and partial shots. Delivered with the unmistakable feel of a Mizuno one-piece Grain Flow Forging.

In GOLF’s 2023 ClubTest, the S23 produced the lowest launching ball flights and the fastest ball speeds of any wedge on the market that year.

Right now, you can grab a Mizuno S23 Custom Wedge from Fairway Jockey for $119.99, $40 off its original price. The wedge is available in two finishes, satin chrome and copper, and 10 different loft and grind options, ranging from 46˚ to 60˚.

As always, purchasing on Fairway Jockey allows you numerous options for customizing your new wedge with shaft and grip choices. You can even customize the ferrule choice.

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