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Here’s how to know which type of irons are right for your game

September 14, 2019

There are dozens of iron options on the market (and more coming), but only three types: Players, Players Distance and Game Improvement. Knowing what best suits your game will make the search for the perfect set much more manageable.

If workability and control are your game, and your ball striking is very solid, Players is the category for you. For those who see themselves as the above but need additional yardage and forgiveness, limit your search to Players Distance clubs.

And if you could care less about curving shots and all you want is something that launches the ball high and far without you getting in the way, check out models in the Game Improvement category. No iron type is “better” than the other without taking into consideration who’s swinging it. Choose wisely.

Use the chart below to help determine which category you fit into based on workability and distance.

Choosing the right type of irons.
Choosing the right type of irons.

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