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Srixon’s Z 585 and Z 785 irons offer top-notch performance with different levels of forgiveness

July 6, 2019

It’s time to acknowledge that Srixon produces some of the best looking, feeling, and performing forged irons around. But like the balls that bear the company’s name, the irons have flown slightly under the radar over the years, despite the fact that they belong among the elites in the industry. Would players like Hideki Matsuyama, J.B. Holmes, Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowell and a slew of others carry them otherwise?

The two top-notch forged irons from Srixon, the Z 785 and Z 585 (both $1,000 steel, $1,200 graphite), are follow-ups to two other exceptionally good models, the Z 765 and Z 565. According to Jeff Brunski, Srixon VP of research and development, the Z 785s are “the best-feeling irons we’ve ever made.” The clubs are aimed at low-handicappers who like a traditional forged look and feel with lots of shot-shaping prowess and enhanced distance and forgiveness. Srixon delivers the goods by placing more mass behind the sweet spot (a workability enhancer), adding laser-milled grooves (great for distance control from a variety of conditions), and integrating a new Tour V.T. dual-bounce sole design, allowing clean strikes from all turf conditions.

Brunski explains that while the Z 785s offer some forgiveness, they’re definitely not the best option for all players. “The fact that the Z 785 irons are our most popular irons on the PGA Tour should indicate that they’re certainly not for everyone—they’re really designed for low-handicap golfers.”

The Z 585 irons, on the other hand, are aimed at a wider variety of players, including single-digit sticks, mid-handicaps, and even some who struggle to break 90. They feature a compact blade design similar to the Z 785’s, but have more offset and a new internal “speed groove” that allows the thin, strong face insert to flex more at impact for more ball speed, distance and forgiveness. In fact, when combined with slightly stronger lofts, the active face of the Z 585 can yield up to a club more distance for some players. “The goal of the Z 585 irons,” Brunski says, “was to maintain the look and feel of a player’s traditional iron while delivering added distance and forgiveness. There’s little doubt we’ve accomplished that task.”

z585: Aimed primarily at low- and mid-handicappers, the Z 585s features SUP10 face inserts for enhanced ball speed, launch and distance.

z785: Laser-Milled Grooves and more weight directly behind the hitting area provide the enhanced precision, control and feel that low-handicap players typically demand.

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