Is Rickie Fowler contemplating a gear change before the Presidents Cup?

November 25, 2019

Last weekend’s Floridian Pro-Member marked the first opportunity for Rickie Fowler to knock off the competitive rust since getting hitched last month and contracting an infection on his honeymoon. Fowler has been off the grid since the Tour Championship, but that doesn’t mean his clubs have been collecting dust.

Based on a photo posted by Floridian National Golf Club, Fowler has been busy breaking in a new set of Cobra prototype blades. The photo is grainy — especially when you zoom in — which makes it difficult to point anything specific out.

That being said, it’s clear Fowler is going away from the dark finish he’s used in previous years for a more traditional chrome.

The chrome iron heads appear to have “Cobra” stamped on the head, but it doesn’t look like there’s much going on in the graphics department. For the traditionalist who likes a clean look, this could be a good thing. Then again, we’re talking about a grainy photo of a prototype iron, so there’s always a chance things could change if the iron ever makes its way to retail.

It’s also worth pointing out the timing of Fowler’s potential gear change coincides with the upcoming Presidents Cup. Fowler is supposed to play Tiger’s Hero World Challenge prior to the biennial matches, so if he shows up at Albany with new blades, there’s a good chance they’ll be making the trip to Australia.

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