Mizuno’s 2024 Mizuno Pro 24X Series irons: 5 things you need to know

Mizuno Pro MP irons 2024

The 2023 Mizuno Pro iron lineup.

Mizuno Golf

Mizuno Pro, a.k.a. Mizuno MP, irons have always been distinctive, and now for 2024 Mizuno is once again refining what it means to truly be a Mizuno Pro iron with the release of the 24X series, which includes the 241 blades, the 243 speed cavity and the 245 hollow body built for precision distance and tour-level speed. Plus, the line includes one extra model for the top of the bag, the Fli-Hi utility.

Here are the five things you need to know about the new Mizuno Pro 24X series irons.

1. Three specific iron models to choose from

Mizuno Pro MP 243 irons 2024
2024 Mizuno Pro 243 irons Mizuno Golf

Just like the previous generation 22X series, the Mizuo Pro 24X iron line comes in three distinct models, plus one extra with the continuation of the popular Fli-Hi driving iron.

Speaking of that Fli-Hi – you might not remember this, and Mizuno can’t say his name in their marketing (I can in this story), but the Fli-Hi was used by Cameron Smith to win the 150th Open Championship at the Old Course at St Andrews.

2024 mizuno hi fli
2024 Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Mizuno Golf

The biggest focus for the Mizuno design team with the new 24X line was to dig into what each iron truly means to the golfers it’s intended for, and after taking positive and constructive criticism about each model, the engineers went to work with no stone left unturned to make sure each model was a better fit.

side my side 2024 Mizuno
Mizuno Pro 241, 243, and 245 Mizuno Golf

The end result is the Mizuno Pro 241, 243, and 245.

2. The details matter

As I already said, the Mizuno design team stressed every possible detail they could to make sure each model lived up to the lofty expectations bestowed upon them, and with that in mind, they believe they have delivered on those, while also making each iron slightly smaller than the previous generation.

Mizuno Pro 241 Irons blades
Mizuno Pro 241 blades Mizuno Golf

The Mizuno Pro 241 blade is just that, a pure-as-can-be muscle back intended to deliver the utmost in feel, control and looks for the discerning golfer.

The evolution from the previous blade includes better turf interaction thanks to a new sole geometry and a tapered blade design to help the iron actually appear smaller from the address position without sacrificing feel. Last but not least, to help deliver greater control, the 241s have a shorter blade length than the previous 221 through the entire set.

Mizuno Pro 24X Collection

Starting at $200
Mizuno Pro 24X Collection featuring the 241 blade, 243 cavity back, and 245 hollow body players distance iron

If you thought the blade was an evolution, wait until you find out what they did to the 243.

The Mizuno Pro 243 Mizuno Golf

Improvements include wider and longer micro-slots to boost ball speeds and increase launch, a fresh sole shape for better turf interaction, a much more compact look from the address position and a better blending of lofts into the shorter irons.

Mizuno micro slot 243

The loft strengthening was a direct result of golfers using the previous 223 irons to blend into the 225s, and these new specs prevent the need for after-the-fact bending to ensure no large distance gaps.

Much like the previously discussed 241 and 243, the Mizuno Pro 245 has gone the opposite of many irons in its category of hollow players distance and focused on the “players” by slightly shrinking in size and address profile. Add that to the adjusted sole shape and you have a club intended for distance hidden in a much smaller player’s preferred package.

Mizuo Pro 245 Mizuno Golf

To help boost ball speed, hidden behind the face is more tungsten to lower the center of gravity in the longer irons and an improved multi-thickness CorTech face to provide more ball speed and distance stability on mishits.

3. What about the classic Mizuno feel?

Not to get all meta on you, but Mizuno knows what most golfers think about when they think of Mizuno irons and wedges, and that is why even with all the refinements and technology tweaks, every iron in the Mizuno Pro 24X series feels like a Mizuno should.

Mizuno T24 wedges
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The Mizuno feel is the result of two parts coming together to complement each other in the best possible ways.

From the technology side, engineers use HIT (Harmonic Impact Testing) to predict with a very high level of accuracy the frequencies an iron head will emit upon impact, which in turn delivers a sound and feel to the golfer.

On the other side, when it comes to actual manufacturing, Mizuno has gone back to its roots and placed a soft copper underlay beneath the layers of nickel and chrome during the plating process to help once again deliver a softer sound, and this underlay is present on every iron model.

4. Small changes equal big differences

We already dove into a number of detailed tweaks made to the Mizuno Pro 24X irons, but one of the biggest is also one of the hardest to see, and that’s on the sole.

Matthew Fitzpatrick
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By: Ryan Barath

Just like the engineers use HIT to better understand sound and feel, Mizuno has for years been using its shaft optimizer fitting tool to collect data on golfers’ swings with some pretty interesting results. Just like on the PGA Tour — golfers overall are getting faster, and the one thing faster golfers need is more bounce to keep the club from digging into the turf.

All the refinements made to the soles of the irons in the Mizuno Pro 24X series were to add more bounce into the shorter irons in all three sets, and this was directly driven by this data and from Mizuno staff players including Keith Mitchell. The benefit to you the golfer are irons better suited for your swing, and at the end of the day that means the potential to play better golf.

5. One line, one price and still time to wait

To make sure golfers find exactly the right iron set configuration for them without having to worry about price, the entire Mizuno Pro 24X line is priced the same from top to bottom at $200 per club in steel, with some upcharge options available in graphite.

The one exception to this is the new Mizuo Pro Fli-Hi which are individually priced at $250 per club.

Also for you lefties don’t fret, the new 241 and 245 will be available in left-handed 4-pitching wedge.

Here’s the hard part. Even with today’s announcement of the Mizuno Pro 24X line, the irons won’t be available for pre-order until January 8th, 2024, and in stores until January 25th, 2024, which gives you lots of time to figure out exactly what you want before its time to place your order.

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