FIRST LOOK: Callaway Apex MB, X Forged CB and X Forged UT irons

Andrew Tursky

Callaway has officially launched its new Apex MB, X Forged CB and X Forged UT irons. The announcement comes soon after we spotted similar-looking Callaway muscleback and cavity back prototype irons out on the PGA Tour; that means the new technologies may already have tour validation.

The new irons each carry classic “Apex” and “X Forged” family names from Callaway’s past. The Apex MB irons replace the previous Apex MB irons released in 2018, whereas the X Forged CB irons are the first of many Callaway “X Forged” irons to have the CB (cavity back) acronym attached to their name. Additionally, Callaway has also introduced new X Forged UT utility irons that replace the 2018 versions, and they utilize hollow-body constructions for better performance.

Each of the new irons will hit retail on October 29; we dive deeper into the new technologies below.

Callaway Apex MB 2021 irons

A Callaway Apex MB 7-iron, with 20V grooves on the face for greater control Andrew Tursky

Callaway’s new Apex MB irons, forged from 1025 carbon steel, are made for superior ball strikers with their classic blade designs. They have thin toplines, thin soles and compact blade lengths that better players prefer.

The new blades also have a weight that sits in the back portion of their club heads. This design allows for swing weight changes to be made without changing CG (center of gravity) location, according to Callaway.

Since the Apex MB irons will be available through custom order only, there are no “stock” shafts or grips to report, but the irons will sell for $185 per iron with a steel shaft and $200 per iron with a graphite shaft.

Callaway X Forged CB 2021 irons

A Callaway X Forged CB 9-iron Andrew Tursky

“X Forged” is a popular name from the company’s past, but this version has a whole new design. Callaway’s new X Forged CB irons use a multi-material construction, rather than a one-piece design, to help players achieve distance and consistency. In classic X Forged fashion, though, the new CB versions still come in a player’s shape.

The new X Forged CB irons have bodies that are forged from 1025 carbon steel, and steel “Tour Tune” face plates for faster ball speeds and more consistent spin, according to Callaway. Also, the new irons utilize tungsten in two different ways. There’s tungsten inside the head in the toe section that helps to get CG in the center of the club head, and there’s a tungsten back weight (attached by two screws) to help dial in swing weight.

Each X Forged CB iron will sell for $200, whether it’s equipped with its stock Project X IO steel shaft or its stock Mitsubishi MMT graphite shaft.

Callaway X Forged UT (utility) 2021 irons

A 21-degree Callaway X Forged UT iron Andrew Tursky

Callaway’s X Forged UT irons use a variety of performance-enhancing technologies to help golfers hit it longer and higher for both tee shots and approach shots. They have Flash Face Cups designed by A.I. (artificial intelligence) to raise ball speeds across the face, and they have tungsten weighting to help get CG in the optimal position.

The X Forged UT irons, like the X Forged CB irons, have steel “Tour Tune” face plates to help increase ball speed and spin consistency. The new UT irons, however, have longer blade lengths and wider soles for greater forgiveness and control, Callaway says.

Callaway’s X Forged UT irons will sell for $250 apiece with either Project X U or Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black HY stock shafts.

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