FIRST LOOK: Cobra Golf’s new Forged Tec and Forged Tec X irons

Forged Tec is designed for better players in the low- to mid-handicap range.

Cobra Golf

The “player’s distance” iron category continues to churn out game-changing designs. The latest model to surface in the category is Cobra’s new Forged Tec and Forged Tec X. Built around a five-step forged body and face, the thin topline and lack of offset give it a decidedly blade-like look that might make some golfers question if the iron is beyond their skill level.

Take a closer look underneath the hood of the 1020 carbon steel body and you’ll find a hollow cavity filled with a light, vibration-absorbing foam that further enhances sound, feedback and feel at impact.

A variable-thickness face is situated on top of the foam — it should be noted that the foam doesn’t negatively affect face flex — to provide improved ball speed with a high launch angle.

Cobra also gave the 3- through 7-iron a 20-gram tungsten toe weight that helps offset the weight in the hosel and position the center of gravity directly behind the sweet spot. Doing so improves the overall feel at impact while adding off-center stability to the heel and toe mis-hits. In other words, don’t expect the distance loss between center and off-center hits to be noticeable, especially for a compact profile.

A lightweight foam is housed inside the cavity for feel and sound purposes. Cobra

In addition to a variable-length version, Forged Tec comes in a constant-length model as well. The Forged Tec One Length features much of the same technology as the standard model in a constant 7-iron length setup that’s identical to Cobra staffer Bryson DeChambeau’s composition.

To optimize the distance and gapping between each iron, each Forged Tec One Length iron head is manipulated to match the weight and length of a 7-iron for a consistent feel.

The Forged Tec X has a slightly larger profile than the standard Forged Tec. Cobra

If the Forged Tec is beyond your skill level, Cobra’s Forged Tec X offers a slightly larger profile, not to mention stronger lofts, that should speak to the mid-handicapper. The blade-like profile still features a low center of gravity that induces a towering launch and steep descent angle. The hollow cavity is comprised of a foam insert and 65-gram tungsten weight — an increase of 45 grams from the Forged Tec — for feel, stability and launch purposes.

Cobra’s Forged Tec variable length ($1,999 steel; $1,299 graphite) is available April 29 in a 7-piece set (4-PW) with KBS $-Taper Lite steel. Graphite (KBS TGI 75) is available through custom order only. Forged Tec One Length ($1,999 steel; $1,299 graphite) also comes in a 7-piece set (4-PW) with the same stock shaft offerings.

Forged Tec X ($1,999 steel; $1,299 graphite) comes in a 7-piece stock set (5-GW) with KBS Tour Lite steel or KBS TGI 75/85 graphite.

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Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and’s Managing Editor for Equipment. Prior to joining the staff at the end of 2018, he spent 6 years covering equipment for the PGA Tour.