I Tried It: Stewart Golf’s electric cart offers hands-free convenience — and a ton of fun

Stewart Golf cart

Stewart Golf carts make walking a breeze.

Jessica Marksbury

Last year, I had an incredible first: I played a full round with a push cart for the first time ever — at Pinehurst No. 2, no less!

I was shocked by the push cart’s ease of use. Walking is truly the way the game is meant to be played, and I couldn’t believe I had eschewed the experience in favor of ride-on carts for so long.

Well, actually I can. Schlepping my clubs on my back was a college-days thing, and it’s not something I’ll ever voluntarily do again. I like walking, but hauling the clubs around is a different matter. The right push cart can make all the difference.

That’s why I was very intrigued by the notion of Stewart Golf’s electric carts. They offer the best of both worlds: the walk you’re craving, but with complete freedom of movement, because the clubs carry themselves. Brilliant!

My selected venue was The Raven Golf Club, a beautifully-conditioned course in Phoenix, Ariz., about 10 miles south of the city’s downtown. I arrived a few minutes early in order to get acquainted with the cart’s features. I used a follow model, which means that, in follow mode with the remote in my pocket, the cart would follow me. Pretty cool!

Stewart Golf remote
The cart’s remote slides easily into a pocket. Jessica Marksbury

The remote takes a minute to get used to — I definitely put the cart (and some playing companion’s feet) in peril a couple of times. But the cart is easy to control by putting your hands on it to manage tight spaces, and there’s also an emergency stop button.

My favorite mode was sending the cart out ahead of me to my ball. You can increase the speed to zip it in whatever direction you want, or you can allow it to roll at a walking speed, so you arrive at the ball together.

The cart’s durability was impressive — it went up and down hills with ease and was very responsive to the remote. It also folds into a nice, compact package when not in use.

My favorite thing about the cart was the total hands-and-arms freedom I was able to experience between shots. I could send the bag ahead on a stretch of fairway and feel completely relaxed on the walk to the ball. Plus, there’s just something undeniably fun about guiding an electric vehicle with a remote.

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Stewart Golf Q Follow

Our all-new flagship model takes the Stewart Golf heritage of award-wining innovation and elevates it again with a next-generation compact Follow and Remote golf cart. Designed, engineered and handbuilt in Great Britain, the Q Follow uses a pioneering microcellular composite chassis to deliver the greatest way to play golf ever by combining cutting-edge technology with extraordinary design.
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New Stewart Golf X10 Follow

Introducing the new Stewart Golf X10 Follow: the latest generation of electric walking golf cart. Featuring cutting edge Follow and Remote technology, golfers everywhere can now enjoy the freedom of walking the course like a pro.
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Stewart Golf Q Remote

Welcome to the world’s finest remote controlled electric golf cart. Handbuilt in Great Britain, the Q Remote is the result of our 20 year legacy engineering and designing golf carts to improve the rounds of golfers worldwide. Featuring a 50 yards range, golfers can experience true freedom on the course.
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New Stewart Golf X10 Remote

Order now for immediate shipping. The X10 Remote is the latest remote controlled cart from the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognised as one of the world’s finest remote controlled machines. As well as great fun to use on the golf course, the X-Series is a product that will help your game by allowing you to walk the course unencumbered by your equipment. With the X10 Remote, all you do is walk. Specifically designed as a remote controlled machine, the X10 Remote benefits from a low and central centre of gravity and 4 wheels. This balance is complimented by a world leading electronics system which allows you to control the X10 Remote from up to 50m away. Features Forward, left, right & reverse controls. New 7th generation Remote electronics New EcoDrive motors providing increased efficiency on the course New 36-hole battery option.  50m range with safety cut out. Handset Skin included. 12v Lithium battery pack complete with soft case. Multi-function handle with scorecard & ball holder. Folded Size: 31.9cm (h), 66cm (w), 82cm (l) V3 non-metallic wheel set. X10 Remote Weight: 14.2kg Battery Weight: 2.5kg Warranty: 24 months The X10 differs from the X9 Remote thanks to it’s 7th generation of Remote electronics, providing you with even greater control on the course. You can also now play for longer thanks to new EcoDrive motors which were first seen on the Stewart Golf Q Follow. The result of this is that we can now offer the X10 Remote with a 36 hole battery option for the first time ever. The accuracy of the new Bluetooth communications system has allowed engineers at Stewart Golf to refine the remote steering even further. Coupled with the increased traction that the new V3 wheels provide, the X10 Remote is now smoother and more responsive than ever. Extended Capacity 30Ah battery specification (Optional) Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Phosphate) Voltage: 12 Volts nominal Capacity: 30 Amp hour Weight: 4Kg Life: More than 250 cycles (see below) Warranty: 2 years Management: Internal integrated cell management system Connection: Output Torberry Accessories: Quality fitted soft-touch protection bag Charger: Input 100/240V, 50/60 Hz Output 14.6V, 5 Amp Charger Time: Up to 7 hours Size: 155mm x 70mm x 50mm ( 6.1” x 2.7” x 2.0”) In laboratory conditions over 250 simulated golf cycles, the battery can be expected to lose 15% capacity. The battery can be expect to lose 2-3% capacity per year through cell degradation, compared with a lead/acid battery which can lose 8-9% per year. During testing of the battery with the Stewart Golf X-Series , its average use was 12-15Ah of the 20Ah battery per round of golf.   
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