ClubTest 2021: PXG 0211 hybrid

Jim Frenak/FPI Studios

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 20 new hybrids to help you find the right one for your game. (For more on our testing process, click here.) Below are the results for the PXG 0211 hybrid. You can find the full list of hybrids and test results here.

PXG 0211

19˚, 22˚, 25˚, 28˚

Our take: Your ball can end up in some challenging spots. Maybe it’s sitting down in the long grass or on top of hardpan. Perhaps you even kept your ball in the fairway only to see it roll into someone else’s divot. Frustrating, yes. But PXG’s 2021 0211 hybrids are here to help you escape consistently and with confidence. “The black matte finish looks great, and the club delivers a soft, solid strike on contact,” said a tester. “But for me, a hybrid shows its true mettle when you’re in trouble. I purposely played from some hairy lies, and the 0211 came through like a champ.”

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PXG 0211 hybrid

The can’t-miss, oversize square face design promotes consistently clean contact and rockets the ball down the fairway with incredible speed.
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The details: The distinguishing feature of these long-iron alternatives is the can’t-miss, oversize square face design, which not only promotes consistently clean contact but also rockets the ball down the fairway with incredible speed. The 0211s are versatile and forgiving, and while the hybrid crown construction (carbon-fiber center, stainless-steel perimeter) is designed for durability and mass reduction, it must be said that it also results in an aesthetically striking, modern appearance.

Where to buy it: Click here. Or better yet, get fit for the hybrid by the experts at our sister company, True Spec Golf.

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Jim Frenak/FPI Studios


Jim Frenak/FPI Studios


Jim Frenak/FPI Studios

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