Most golfers overlook this club spec when buying new equipment

Irons shafts can vary in weight from 40g all the way to over 130g

Ryan Barath

When it comes to golf clubs most golfers are able to identify some pretty basic specs — length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size — but one of the most important is often overlooked: shaft weight.

Shaft weight plays a crucial role in how a golf club, especially irons, are going to perform for a particular golfer, and whether you are getting custom fit, buying off the rack, or even buying used, it’s important to keep shaft weight in mind.

Although every club in the bag has a ton of options for shafts, the biggest variance in shaft weight in the industry is in iron sets since iron shafts can be as light as 40 grams and heavier than 130g depending on the target player.

Is my shaft weight right for me?

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The general rule of thumb from a fitting perspective is to use the lightest shaft that you can control without losing dispersion. If feel like you lose awareness of where the club is during the swing there is a good chance that you are using a shaft that is too light for you. As far as dispersion goes, a shaft that is too light is going to result in misses that are all over the place since club face control is also one of the first things a player loses when the club isn’t heavy enough.

On the opposite side, if you are using a shaft that is too heavy dispersion is almost always going to be short of the target and to the right (for a right-handed golfer) because clubs that are too heavy are harder to get back around to square the club face.

Clubs that are too heavy can also result in a lot of shots hit heavy or “chunked” because it’s difficult to resist the force created during the downswing to keep the proper posture into impact resulting in the club hitting the ground too early.

So next time you’re on the range or out on the course, pay close attention to how your irons feel during the round and where you are missing your shots — it just might be time for a shaft change.

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