What GIF describes your current gear setup? Golfers give hilarious responses

November 11, 2019
Even Tiger Woods would get a laugh from some of these responses.

Everyone feels a certain way about their current equipment setup. The range of emotions can swing from euphoria (most likely got fit for their current set) to disconsolate, depending on whom you ask. Rarely does a golfer feel neutral about their sticks.

The problem with asking a golfer to describe their gear is you’re bound to get a longwinded answer about every club in the bag. For many, this is right up there with getting a blow-by-blow of the last round your buddy played. No one wants to hear what’s going on — except yours truly.

The beauty of social media is it keeps the responses concise and to the point (God bless Twitter’s character count). Or in this case, forces you to describe your equipment setup using only a GIF.

Sound difficult? More than 250 respondents would disagree. As you’d expect, some of the answers were downright hilarious when I asked all of you for your thoughts. Here’s a look at some of my favorites.

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The best responses