Many golfers are afraid to use this tool and it could be costing them shots

Adjustable golf clubs

Using the supplied wrench to adjust your driver can help you save shots off the tee.

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With the Masters in the rearview mirror, many golfers are headed to the driving range or first tee for the first time in a while to shake off the winter rust. But if you’re struggling off the tee to start the season, there could be a simple fix in the bottom of your golf bag.

Let’s talk wrenches

Unless you are using a reduced-weight driver without an adjustable hosel, there’s a good chance you have a golf club torque wrench or two kicking around in one of the pockets of your bag. This simple little tool allows you to quickly and easily change the lie and loft of your driver with tour-level precision — which was completely unavailable to consumers not too long ago.

Golf club wrench
Golf club torque wrenches make it easy to adjust clubs into a more ideal setting. Ryan Barath

For any golfer worried about using a wrench on their adjustable driver, remember that these wrenches are purposefully designed to release and click the moment you’ve reached the right amount of tightness, so you don’t have to worry about over-tightening. Just hear that click and you’ll know it’s firmly locked in place.

A quick adjustment guide

So now that you’ve got that wrench out, let’s look at the most common ball flight issues and how to correct them.

Issue: Hitting it too high with too much spin

Solution: One of the biggest contributors to hitting the ball too high and with too much spin is too much loft delivered at impact. Adjusting to the lower loft setting on your adjustable hosel can quickly reduce the initial launch angle and help reduce spin. 

Issue: Hitting the ball too low 

Solution: If your ball flight has an extremely flat trajectory, it’s a good sign you need more loft and more spin to maximize your distance, especially if you play in soft or wet conditions. Adjusting to the higher loft setting on your adjustable hosel can quickly increase the initial launch angle and help increase spin and height. 

Issue: Slicing the ball

Solution: When available, you want to put any adjustable weight into the heel side of the club. Most OEMs have this marked as the draw weight setting, and whether it’s marked on the driver or not, it’s the placement that puts the weight closer to the shaft side of the head. This setting makes it easier to close the club face. 

The hosel settings you want to utilize will be to increase the loft and or make the club more upright. Like with irons, an adjustment in lie angle will help improve the start line and reduce curvature. Combining an upright setting with heel bias weight is your best bet to reduce your slice.  

Issue: Hooking the ball

Solution: For any adjustable weight, you want to have it placed in the back of the sole or out towards the toe.

As for hosel settings, you want to open the face by using a lower loft setting or if you are using a driver that has dual adjustments you want to place the hosel in the flattest possible setting to alter the start line.

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So track those misses and don’t be afraid to use those wrenches!

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