Ask an Equipment Expert: Are grips important in golf? And does grip size matter?

September 19, 2018

Each month, we tap experts from the equipment industry to answer your most commonly asked questions. In this installment, Bruce Miller, product manager at Golf Pride, details the vital importance of golf grips.

Q. Does choosing the right grip really have much of an effect on your swing and game? Is size the most important thing to get right? — JIM M., VIA E-MAIL

I’m obviously biased, but I think the grip is the first thing players should get fitted for. It’s your only direct connection to the club, and if you select the wrong size or design for your needs, your performance can be negatively affected.


For example, players with too much bottom-hand action might benefit from a model like our MCC Plus4, which features a larger diameter in the lower section of the grip. That same grip, however, could give someone who struggles to release the clubhead the fits.

The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align grip.
The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align grip.

Size is also important, but I don’t recommend simply going by a chart or physical measurements. Opt for the dimensions that feel and work best for you. In addition, it’s important to match your grip choice to your typical playing conditions. If it’s hot, humid and wet, go with a cord grip. Arid and hot? A tacky model that helps the club adhere to your hands is the call.

Options abound in the grip market. Take advantage of them.

— Bruce Miller, Product Manager/Golf Pride