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PGA Championship 2019: How does Brooks Koepka mark his golf ball?

May 19, 2019

The 2019 PGA Championship has turned into a one-man show as Brooks Koepka has led from the start. Koepka’s recent turn of dominance has ushered plenty of questions about his game. Who’s his coach? Where did he grow up playing? What clubs does he use?

How about this one: how does he mark his golf ball?

Koepka has used Titleist balls for much of his career, and while he has shied away from a full bag equipment sponsorship, that aspect of his game has gone largely unchanged.

In order to differentiate his ProV1x from others, Koepka’s mark is as simple as much of his game: One single, black dot on top of the ball number. As we’ve seen with Koepka over the years, he prefers to do things the same week-to-week. Marking his ball is no different.

Zoom in for a close view of Koepka's ball.
Zoom in for a close view of Koepka's ball.
Getty Images

Back in 2014, Koepka spoke with Golf Digest about it: “I’m not superstitious at all. I keep everything pretty clean,” Koepka said. “Wedge stampings just say BK. Same goes for my ball mark. Just a red dot on my Titleist Pro V1x.”

These days, he’s obviously moved on to the black dot, but the location is unchanged. And it’s working. Koepka is chasing down his fourth major victory in the last 24 months. Now certainly isn’t the time to alter the plan.

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