Why visual technology on golf balls isn’t going away anytime soon

Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf balls

If you’re wondering whether the trend in visual technology in golf balls is a growth stock, consider this: Callaway’s plant in Chicopee, Mass.—where the Chrome Soft Truvis is made—basically runs around the clock to fulfill consumer demand for their unique-looking ball.

And now that Callaway also offers the ERC Soft and Chrome Soft X with their new Triple Track alignment aid (with big success so far—it doesn’t hurt that Phil Mickelson plays one on Tour), it looks like the trend is here to stay.

Jason Finley, Callaway’s global director, brand management, golf balls, says, “Visual technology is not a gimmick. Our testing indicates it can be significantly helpful to most players. Triple Track is based on hyper-acuity, meaning three lines give you a more powerful visual cue when aiming, which leads to more consistency. It lets you see where you’re aimed much more accurately and quickly, kind of like the sights on the end of a rifle.”

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