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Golf ball fitting is more important than you think. Here’s what you need to know

December 30, 2019

More than ever, golfers are embracing tailor-made sticks. Having a set of irons built to your exact specifications can save you shots on the course—and pad your wallet during the weekly money game. But what about the golf ball? Considering it’s the one piece of gear used to hit every shot, the ball should get the same custom treatment as your driver. These three suggestions can help identify the ideal one for your game.

1. Start small.

Tiger Woods commences ball testing by hitting delicate chips to see how they react on the green. Distance is important, but you should follow Tiger’s lead and put a premium on touch shots. Does the ball elevate your short game? Think about how much time you spend around the green. Enough said.

2. Go long.

Once you’ve found a few worthy options, get the balls on a launch monitor with a driver and a 6-iron. Keep an eye on ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. If one ball is checking every box in the long-game department, you’re on the right track.

3. Take it for a spin.

Once you’ve whittled down the options to one or two balls, take them on the course and play several rounds to see how they handle the wind or a short-sided flop shot. This ultimately determines whether a ball makes the final cut.

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