Snell Golf adds MTB-X model to 2019 golf ball lineup

February 20, 2019

Snell Golf’s four-piece MTB (My Tour Ball) Red is being replaced by a new three-piece MTB-X model that offers lower driver spin, improved aerodynamics, and improved cover durability compared to its predecessor.

Founder Dean Snell, co-creator of Titleist’s Pro V1 and TaylorMade’s Penta golf balls, used consumer feedback to create MTB-X after receiving comments about the cover durability and aerodynamics — some noted the ball tended to balloon in the wind — of MTB-Red.

To rectify the cover durability issue, Snell used a cast urethane cover that allowed for a smaller core with a thicker, firmer mantle layer for increased spin on mid and short iron shots. The thin cover also ensures driver spin stays relatively low with a noticeable bump in distance.

“We felt we could provide high spin for approach shots while lowering driver spin and maximizing distance off the tee,” Snell said. “The new MTB-X model has accomplished both of those goals and has added the elite feel and durability of a cast urethane cover.”

Comparing the construction of MTB Black and MTB-X.
Comparing the construction of MTB Black and MTB-X.

In terms of improving aerodynamics, Snell took the 360-dimple pattern from the MTB Black and added it to MTB-X (MTB Red featured a 338-dimple pattern). The dimple design lowers lift and drag in an effort to control flight and reduce the possibility of ballooning in the wind.

Due to the higher overall compression — 85-90 with MTB-X versus 75-80 with MTB Black — golfers will notice a slightly firmer feel when compared to the Black model.

As for MTB Black, the three-piece model still features a 360-dimple pattern and low compression core that maximizes distance by reducing driver spin. The mantle layer adds an additional level of spin control on full shots and around the green.

Snell Golf’s new MTB-X retails for $33 per dozen or $28 per dozen for a pack of five dozen at A “MTB Test Pack,” featuring two sleeves of MTB-X and MTB Black, is also offered. Both balls come in white and Optic Yellow.