World’s greatest dog? This super-pooch has a nose for discovering lost golf balls

September 10, 2018
Gabby the dog has found thousands of golf balls in Utah.

Want some free golf balls? Maybe you should consider getting a dog. If it’s anything like Gabby the yellow lab, you’ll never pay for a sleeve again.

Gabby is the loyal pet to 82-year-old Arnie Smith, according to a piece in the Standard-Examiner. The pair take frequent walks at Mt. Ogden Golf Course in Ogden, Utah, during which the seven-year-old dog lunges into the woods and digs out long-lost balls from wayward shots.

Gabby gets a treat from her owner for each ball she uncovers, and typically she will find 30-40 balls per walk. Over the years, Gabby has found “a couple thousand” balls in all.

But there’s one problem: Smith doesn’t play golf. So instead of using them himself, he drops them off at his local barber shop in town, where anyone can help themselves to a few Pro V1s or Callaways.

Check out a video on Arnie and Gabby from the Standard-Examiner below.